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LSP Files
LSP file are Lisp programs typically designed for AutoCAD users. These files are usually nothing more than plain text, but they contain programming code that works in the AutoCAD session.

To download a lisp file:

  • If you are using any version of Internet Explorer, you need to simply click on the file and download it to your hard drive.
  • If you are using Netscape or any other browser, you may get a new window that contains the contents of the lisp file. If this occurs:
    1. Click on Edit at the top of your browser and then click Select All. You should see the text highlight in the browser window.
    2. Then click on Edit again and then click on copy.
    3. Open your favorite text editor.
    4. Click Edit and then Paste in your text editor.
    5. Save the file to your hard drive as the same name as the file you clicked on in

To use a lsp file:

    Copy, move, or save the downloaded file to your AutoCAD support directory. Then open AutoCAD (if it was already open, save your file and restart AutoCAD). Once AutoCAD is open and you are in the file you want to edit, type the following into your command line at the bottom: (load "STAIR.LSP") (Substitute "stair.lsp" with the name of the file you downloaded from


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