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Program Title: 3DView for AutoCAD
File Name: 3DViewTrial.ZIP
Category: AutoCAD General -> 3D Tools
Size: 132.81KB
Date: 21-Feb-2013
Downloads: 73
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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3DView give the 3d AutoCAD user quick access to setting up viewports, displaying orthographic views such as the Top, Front, Right… views, displaying isometric or birdseye views from above and below, create clipped views or slices of a 3d model, and switching the UCS to the needed orthographic plain. View commands such as “VF” or “VR” automatically adjusts that viewports UCS to the plan of that view, so users never deal with a wrong UCS for their viewport. Clipped views may be displayed in orthographic or perspective projection. Clipped views can be saved just like any other view and they will retain their clipping information when restored, making it easy to create section views for plotting in paper space. Clipped views can be set to appear in a selected viewport or a single stationary viewport and can be made active once a view is clipped. Having the ability to select which viewport will display the clipped view you may have one or all of your viewports displaying clipped views. New clipped views may be created from within a clipped view, but the first clip points do not remain. Clipped views will accept the Shademode command allowing clipped views to be displayed in wireframe or in shaded form. Zoom size setting allows for clipped views to be zoomed in, to show only the area needed, be it a small or large area needing to be viewed. The user defined 3d target point setting allows for clipped views to show exactly the area being viewed at the time. When clipping views orthomode defaults to be turned on for ease and speed to create simple clipped views, but switching orthomode off allows you to create any angled clipped view.

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