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Program Title: AttExt - Attribute Extractor v.
File Name: AESetup1.exe
Category: AutoCAD General -> Text/Dimension Util.
Size: 1377k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 17545
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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AttExt - Attribute Extractor v.

Standalone tool (no AutoCAD needed) for extracting attribute information from DWG files.

This program extracts attributes and block data from processed drawings as per user specification and creates extract file that can be opened as Excel spreadsheet or imported into most database and spreadsheet programs, including Microsoft Access.

AESetup1.exe is a setup program that will install AttExt on your system.

AttExt is the next program in IntelCAD BLITZ! software series of standalone power tools for processing AutoCAD drawings. As other products in this series, this one doesnít need AutoCAD in order to operate, it reads DWG files with extreme speed of 1000s of drawings per hour and it can process drawing files from all versions of AutoCAD including R2000.

Few applications for this program that we can envision at this time:

  1. Searchable catalog of all company drawings containing titleblock with attributes. Just generate attribute extract file from all 30000 drawings on a server and import it into Microsoft Access database. Then sort it by title, by disk path, find duplicate titles and other mistakes in titleblocks. With the extreme processing speed you can update this database as often as you need (eg. every 24 hrs).

  2. Bill of Material (BOM). Extract attributes data into Excel and process it with Excel tools. Or make custom program that reads CSV output from this program (itís easy to read CSV, it is an ASCII text file, where each line is for one record and each data field in a record is separated by chosen delimiter).

User ReviewsReview This File
Nice site keep up the good work., --Matthew

Nice site keep up the good work., --Matthew

Wonderful web site., --Andreas

I really enjoyed it!, --Tristan

remark:, --Alvaro

Falls short of expectations. If there are multiple insertions of the same block it will only extract the attributed data from the latest block insertion. --Wava Bremner


This is a great product. It really made my job a lot easier. --John Simmons


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