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File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> Menus/Shells/Layer
Size: 34k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 367
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Bundle of Layer Manipulation Routines

LC0 - Layer Copy to 0

LCX - Layer Copy to X

LCC - Layer Copy to Current

LM0 - Layer Move to 0

LMX - Layer Move to X

LMC - Layer Move to Current

LS0 - Layer Set 0

LSX - Layer Set X

LSC - Layer Set Current

LTA - Layer Thaw All

LTX - Layer Thaw X (Type in Layer At Keyboard)

LFA - Layer Freeze All

LFE - Layer Freeze Entity

(You Pick Entities on Layers to Freeze those Layers)

LFX - Layer Freeze X (Type in Layer At Keyboard)

LOF - Layer Off (Pick Entity) - Previous lsp.routine The Author is

Unknown to me - randy

LON - Layer On (Type Layer At Keyboard)

L?? - Layer List (Flipscreen)

LLS - A Simple List of Entity without doing a Flispcreen!

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