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Program Title: AcadCalcStair
File Name: AcadCalcStair.EXE
Category: AutoCAD General -> Lisp Files and Tools
Size: 1.57MB
Date: 13-Dec-2005
Downloads: 2199
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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AcadCalcStair - Stair and Rail Auto drafting program + Calculator for AutoCAD. Main features:
STAIRS & RAILS. Parametrical Modeling and Auto Drafting. On the base of parameters the program creates the drawing: Stair Plan and Elevation with all main dimensions. Available options: apply different scale; Visible or Hidden (behind the wall) representation of Stair Elevation
CALCULATIONS. Mathematical operations; Slope, Triangle and Stair calculations. All formats of numbers are acceptable: architectural, fractional, decimal and AutoCAD format
MODIFY AutoCAD objects. AcadCalcStair can directly perform AutoCAD commands using the results of calculations: move, copy, scale and array. Get distances from AutoCAD and use them in calculations one of the options of program
PROTOCOL: results of calculations are automatically placed in Protocol, where the user can add comments. The protocol contents can be copied and transferred through clipboard in any text editor

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study!!! --fei_yi3


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