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Program Title: TopoLT V5.2
File Name: TopoLTsetup52.exe
Category: AutoCAD Civil/GIS/Electrical -> Civil/Survey
Size: 7.69MB
Date: 28-Oct-2005
Downloads: 1245
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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TopoLT is a program that offers tools for 2D and 3D application. TopoLT presents many possibilities to create plans and maps, 3D models, volume calculation, etc.

Polar points calculation, including the possibility of importing from the majority of total stations that are known, which functions like a compiler.
Communicates with total station to send or receive coordinates.
Draws points with optimization of overlapped texts.
Automatically introduce points for entities, points coordinates from drawing can be saved in any user defined format.
Creates field's 3D model, draws contour levels using NURBS functions, calculates volumes without any constrains.
Visualize with real time rendering of 3D entities and 3ds files, effects through textures and colors, textures attachment in coordinates, record AVI files, save rendered images.
Transforms raster images to realize correlation with coordinates system, cut and clip images, changes images format.
Detaches and calculates areas.
Automatically insert symbols and change linetype by code, draw graticule, dimension parcels.
Draws plans layouts accordingly to printer format.
Adjust drawing when it's scale changes.
Runs under AutoCAD or IntelliCAD.
Supported languages: english, french, italian, spanish, portuguese, german, romanian.

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