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Program Title: CtrlView 1.51
File Name: CtrlView151.exe
Category: Utilities -> Viewers
Size: 749k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1762
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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CtrlView is fast, compact, powerful viewer/converter for different 2D/3D raster/vector file formats with format recognition system.

It means that CtrlView analyses contents of file and defines its format.

If format is among supported file types, CtrlView will visualize this file in correct form. If file type is unknown for CtrlView it will be visualized in ASCII file form or in binary file form. Any file also can be opened manually as ASCII or binary so you always can look inside the file.

CtrlView is developed with using of latest visual and programming technologies.

This strongly OOD software uses OpenGL for 3D rendering, so called "skins" for user friendly interfaces based on Zinc Application Framework, multidimensional trees in the internal data structure for the fast and accurate file parsing and rendering, Independent JPEG Group's software and many other interesting things.

CtrlView is absolutely indispensable tool if you have deal with a huge amount of plot files or 3D models files and want to look for something and print it or convert into another format.


User ReviewsReview This File
The program does not convert a raster to vecotr image. It can be used to convert a raster to another raster format. --Sam


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