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01shp.ZIP 3333730k
Calcshapes for AutoCAD 14 CALCSHAPES.MDE is an MS Access-97 application for use with Auto ....more
Steel Shapes Library 10100190k
Steel Shapes Library for AutoCAD 13 + This is a demo version of our "Steel Library". The ....more 234883k
ABCPROd3a for R12 - 14 - By William W. Drummond. A 3-D Steel Shape AUTOLISP program for AU ....more 33421837k
AutoSTRUCTURAL by John Williams Detailing. Inc.- Structural Detailing program for R14 ....more 23543k
draws steel angles w/ a closed polyline ....more
Bar_mat ver 1.0a 25084k
Bar_mat ver 1.0a for AutoCAD 2000 Draws a mat of all standard sizes of reinforcing bars. ....more 426049k
"BEAM": Quick, simple beam analysis. (12/93) Everything is built-in! Analyzes 10 differen ....more 5087114K
Beamer provides you rapid selection of beams, channels, angles, structural tubing, pipe an ....more 1291850k
CADSteel v.2.0 DEMO for AutoCAD(R) R13 is a reference manual of steel shapes contained in ....more 1915683k
CADSteel is a reference manual of steel shapes contained in the AISC Manual of Steel Const ....more
ddshapes.ZIP 522419k
ddshapes 1.0 for AutoCAD 14 Dialog driven steel shape generator. Supports w-beams, s-beam ....more 5408260k
Structural Steel Application for METRIC Steel Sections. FREEWARE - Beta -Rel 14 Only ....more 3175369k
Cad Emmy Steeler V1.0 creates 1094 steel members up to 5000 real size symbols automatical ....more 186962k
FLGPROv1 for ACAD R12 - R14 - - draws weldneck/slipon and blind flanges from 1/2" to 24" ....more 33041k
Fplan.lsp - Draw foundations in plan view ....more
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