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AutoCAD - Lisp Files and Tools

319 items -- Showing Files 46 thru 60
623 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size
AutoHook 2004 v1.01 1053471.61KB
For AutoCAD 2004 and 2004LT. AutoCAD power users know that the keyboard is the fastest ....more
AutoM8 v2.0 589376k
AutoM8 v2.0 by M8Tools allows the AutoCAD user the option of CHANGING, PLOTTING or PURGING ....more
Automv.lsp 12634k
Automatically insert a border and mview in paper space. ....more 36626k
AUTOzero.LSP changes the Z coordinate for selected LINES, POLYLINES, TEXT 3DFACE entities ....more
AW.LSP 10802k
Draws an arc leader constructed with a polyline on the current layer. The standard dimensi ....more