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Title Rating Downloads Size
LogOff 523156k
LogOff.ARX for AutoCAD - Automatic logoff from AutoCAD (R14/2000/2000i/2002, MDT...) sessi ....more
LSPBOX TOOLS 1.0 18233545k
Are you looking for a new AutoCAD add-on with an accessible price and easy to use? Do you ....more
LegalWriter v1.4 85125.37KB
Automatic legal descriptions to your specifications Who hasn't had a typo slip by on a ....more
MagicLYR.exe 922989k
MagicLYR V1.0t for R13 + - MagicLYR is a powerful layer manager. Export Import Manage T ....more
MagicSRF 4.0 Surface Area Manager 501782.1KB
The AutoCAD Surface Area Manager *** PREVIOUS VERSIONS Please make a backup copy of yo ....more
MagNet Trial Edition 92816.87MB
paraphrase an old adage, sometimes the best 2D magnetostatic solver in low frequency elect ....more 801599k
MasterControl ver 1.00 This program controls any home-built lathe, mill, or router from G ....more
MenuGEO 7.4 for AutoCAD with Blocks DWG 3695.42MB
MenuGEO by Nikolay Yordanov Hadzhiivanov includes modules for: lines (vectors), curves, co ....more
MenuGEO 7.4 para AutoCAD con Bloques DWG 3035.41MB
MenuGEO de Nikolay Yordanov Hadzhiivanov incluye modulos para: rectas, curvas, coordenadas ....more 510160k
Tablet Menu Editor - Working Demo ....more 61917k
QuickTime Movie Maker for 3DS MAX demo v. 1.02 - This plug-in for 3DS MAX allows you to cr ....more
Mq-fulle.exe 26912421k
MECH-Q v2.02 for R2000 - Mechanical, Piping, Structural, HVAC & BOM Professional - solut ....more
Mq-pipe2.exe 27101936
Mech-Q Piping & HVAC v2.03 for AutoCAD 2000 (R14 also supported): 2-D, 3-D (solid) & Isome ....more
mqhvac14.exe 5593134k
MECH-Q HVAC Ducting for - AutoCAD 14 Mech-Q HVAC Ducting Plug-In utilities for AutoCAD: A ....more
mqhvac15.exe 6662103k
MECH-Q HVAC Ducting for - AutoCAD 2000 Mech-Q HVAC Ducting Plug-In utilities for AutoCAD: ....more
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