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Title Rating Downloads Size 13424K
CutLogic 2.0 5357.77MB
Software CutLogic is a 1D length nesting and cutting optimizer. It will save your material ....more
Cutmaster 2D Pro 9631080k
CutMaster 2D is a professional rectangular nesting software package, maximising the use of ....more 6914k
DCL On-line Calculator. ....more
Designer's Mate II Demo 10073080k
Foot, Inch and fraction calculator with various conversions for metric, works inside of Au ....more
Dis1-2.Zip 5372k
Dis1 - Finds distance Near to Perpendicular in Architectural units. Dis2 - Finds dista ....more 6613k
DT V3.0 for R14 - DT 3.0 is a distance command with all the results displayed in a dialo ....more
Estimating Desktop 9041238k
Estimating Desktop Designer is a standalone program to establish dynamic link between Auto ....more
GT Cogo Light 2.4 5851.95MB
GT Cogo Light is a 32 bit Survey coordinate geometry program for windows. It can be used t ....more 103024k
Architectural feet/inch calculator. for R14 FreeWare - USES AUTOCAD'S BUILT-IN CALCULATOR ....more
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