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AutoCAD - Mechanical Hardware

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Bend for R14 - Arx App - This program allows the user to calculate the bend allowance for ....more
bh.ZIP 11476k
bolt hole 1.0 for AutoCAD 14 Bolt hole (bh.lsp) is an easy way to insert a shaded side vi ....more 235910k
A package of lisp routines & files developed to assist detailers and designers in the pro ....more 27935k
BOLT.LSP V1.2 for R13 + - Draws 3d solid bolt, nut, & washer (any size). user input: mous ....more 5806148K
Update! Bolter -- Parametric Fastener Software - Tired of drawing nuts and bolts? Or ins ....more 9471243k
CAD-2-CNC Version 1.14 (bug fix) reads drawing-data in DXF- or HPGL-format and generates G ....more 1291850k
CADSteel v.2.0 DEMO for AutoCAD(R) R13 is a reference manual of steel shapes contained in ....more 1915683k
CADSteel is a reference manual of steel shapes contained in the AISC Manual of Steel Const ....more 175162K
Parametric HVAC Functions for Acad R12-R14 w/ pulldown menu. Draws 2D ductwork, fittings, ....more