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19 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size
1DNest: Length Nesting Optimizer Ver 3.0 7581.79MB
One-Dimension Nesting Optimizer, is a simple, powerful and efficient software tool designe ....more
1DNest: Length Nesting Optimizer Ver 3.0 2191373k
One-Dimension Nesting Optimizer v3.0 Software tool designed to calculate optimum length ne ....more
DINF Distance Information 1.0 661682.16KB
DINF Distance Information release 1.0 By AndreaLISP; DINF show you the distance between 2 ....more
MinBBox 1.0 52795.12KB
MinBBox is a tool developed to find the tightest possible bounding box which encloses a So ....more 1464248k
Have you always missed the possibility to _calculate_ the value directly inside an AutoCAD ....more
AC100.ZIP 155218k
AcadCALC is a decimal based pop-up calculator for use with any versionof AutoCAD. At 19K, ....more 100989K
This is a 32-bit program that will only run on Windows 95 or NT. DOS/Win will choke on it ....more
addlenth.lsp 14121K
add length of multiple lines ....more
Al.lsp 10042k
AL.LSP for R13 - 14 - Find the length along any arc. Input - Any three points that define ....more
ALLUNITS 206342k
This is an AutoLISP program for converting quantities from a unit to another unit, impleme ....more
EldoS AnyCalc 1555623k
Calculator ....more 24831k
calc area and insert value ....more
autoarea.ZIP 8851k
find area by clicking in a closed area R12 Only! ....more