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AutoCAD - Menus/Shells/Layer

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122 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size
MagicLYR.exe 922989k
MagicLYR V1.0t for R13 + - MagicLYR is a powerful layer manager. Export Import Manage T ....more
MenuGEO 7.4 for AutoCAD with Blocks DWG 3695.42MB
MenuGEO by Nikolay Yordanov Hadzhiivanov includes modules for: lines (vectors), curves, co ....more
MenuGEO 7.4 para AutoCAD con Bloques DWG 3035.41MB
MenuGEO de Nikolay Yordanov Hadzhiivanov incluye modulos para: rectas, curvas, coordenadas ....more
mkedls.lsp 3293k
mkedls ver 1.0 for R11 + - MKEDLS.lsp works similar to the bonus command LMAN only it's n ....more 37241k
MLAYER V1.5 for ACAD R12.0+ The Multi-Functional Command of Layer V1.5 is an advanced Auto ....more