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3D Studio Utilities

186 items -- Showing Files 151 thru 165
Title Rating Downloads Size 30116k
Shadow Matte is a freebie matte material where the shadows will effect the alpha chann ....more 102014k
SNAPGRAB 2.2 Upgrade - Snapgrab is a multi-purpose utility that handles snapshotting, mu ....more 38721k
SoftSpot 1.0 material. Smooth , curved gradients and spots with wave definitions, textu ....more 83622k
Solidify modifier version 1.02 is a modifer plugin that takes your surfaces and makes them ....more 3494k
A "quicky" utility plugin to give the length of a spline. This new version takes into ....more 32418k
Edge To Spline Utility Reverse Spline Modifier - The two pluggins are tools for manipul ....more